”movies are dreams that you never forget”

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neil / klitz, he it film, gay + lithoaegosexual, xenic trans man, teenager, white, agnostic, tme, ♾️🌈

cinematographer and film nerd, eng/esp/jpn, very silly, #1 paul dano fanNEXT MOVIE!LEAVE?

i tend to misspell things, i like infodumping about my intrests a LOT, i need tone tags, uses "dude/bro/man" as gender neutral terms but can drop them if youre uncomfy with them! i reclaim the f slur but wont use it without warning


basic DNI, anti xenos/neos, proshippers/anti-anti, sexualize content creators, dsmp fans, nsfw account, heavy typing quirk/font without translating, endogenic systems, tcc weurdos, anti-black edits, use he/him for louis ives. i will block you if i dont like you

MOVIES/SHOWS/SERIES: the fabelmans, little miss sunshine, swiss army man, reanimator, bride of reanimator, ghostwatch, sailor moon, local 58, star trek, watcher/ghostfilesGAMES: pokemon, project sekai, acnh, project diva, retro arcade gamesMUSIC: lemon demon, vocaloid, mook, emamouse, onigo boingo. i dont have specific people i usally listen too, i just listen to whateverMISC: urban exploration, ghosthunting, build a bear(dont ask)

spins;paul dano and the movies he's in, itemlabel, jerma985, films and cinematogrophy, analog horror/args